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3 months ago
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Oltaire The Vegan Vampire is a two-player, turn-based strategy game developed by Michael Brough. The game is set in the fantastical world of Oltaire, populated by two distinct species of creatures – vampires and vegan vampires. Players take on the role of the vegan vampire, fighting the evil vampire king using strategy, cards, and magical powers.

The goal of Oltaire The Vegan Vampire is to battle and defeat the vampire king and unlock the world of Oltaire. Players build decks of magical and creature cards to use as their army, and use them to move through the city and attack the vampire king’s troops and minions. Each card has a unique ability and power, and the player must use their cards strategically to defeat the enemy.

The game features a unique “battlefield” system, which places the player’s cards onto the board. The cards can be moved in a certain order, and the player must strategically use the cards to defeat their enemy. Additionally, the game also has various mini-games and optional objectives which can grant players bonus points and rewards.

Oltaire The Vegan Vampire offers a fresh and engaging take on the traditional turn-based strategy genre, and with its unique cards and strategies, it’ll certainly provide long hours of play for those looking for an enjoyable and challenging game.


The Vegan Vampire is a strategy game involving different tactics, strategy, and problem-solving skills. The objective of the game is to eat as many vegan items as possible while avoiding ingesting meat or other animal products. Players must use their skills to identify the vegan items and come up with creative strategies to acquire as many vegan items as possible. In addition, the players must also strategize to maximize their energy levels and minimize the risks of ingesting animal products. The game can be played by two to four players or solitaire.


Minimum System Requirements

  • OS: Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • Processor: 1.7+ GHz or better
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Radeon HD5450 or better; 256 MB or higher
  • Storage: 3 GB available space
  • Sound Card: 100% DirectX9.0c compatible sound card and drivers

Game Info

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