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Steel Division 2 Total Conflict Edition is an expansive real-time military strategy game for PC by developer Eugen Systems. Set during the Operation Bagration of World War II, Steel Division 2 includes three unique armies, each with their own distinct units, tech trees, and philosophies. You can experience thrilling large-scale warfare on the Eastern Front, with a comprehensive selection of tactical units and historical equipment. Every battlefield has a diverse array of core tactical problems to solve, and the deep and complex combat system is designed to give you the freedom to approach each battle differently. In this edition of the game, you will find all DLCs released to date and two exclusive outfits. You can join or create a clan and participate in tournaments or take part in cooperative missions on a variety of battlefields. The focus has been on tactical teamwork between clans and synchronizing attacks, which rewards players for working together to seize ground and complete objectives. So get ready for the total conflict experience, and claim victory on the battlefield!


Steel Division 2 Total Conflict Edition v81320 is a real-time strategy game developed by Eugen Systems. It features cross-play multiplayer between GOG, Steam, and Wargaming, over 600 units, 25 maps, and multiple game modes. It also includes a single-player campaign mode and a variety of customization options. The game also features multiple difficulty levels and a built-in mod editor.


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