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Mummification is an ancient game where players attempt to mummify a person from start to finish. The game is just like the real process used in Ancient Egypt. Players will need to gather supplies to mummify the statue or character, then wrap the body in mummy strips and secure it with pins. After this is done, the players will need to place the figure in a sarcophagus and decorate the lid with hieroglyphics. This game will give children an understanding of the mummification process as it was practiced in Ancient Egypt, from the wrapping to the burial. Players need to be creative as they work together to complete the mummy’s transformation.

The game requires very little in terms of materials, but players will need to set up a few stations. Each station should have a different task, such as gathering the supplies, wrapping the body in mummy strips, decorating the lid, and so on. Players should also divide tasks so that each person is responsible for one portion of the mummifying process. Once all the tasks have been completed, players can move on to the next portion. At the end of the game, the players can either dress up in Egyptian costumes and take a mummy parade around the room, or they can all see how well their mummification has worked and judge each other’s work.

Overall, mummification is a fun game that teaches the basics of Ancient Egyptian embalming. Players must work together to secure the body, create hieroglyphs, and secure the coffin. The game can challenge their creative skills as they come up with a unique and creative way to mummify their figure.


Mummification consists of embalming and preserving the body of a dead person, or animal, and if applicable, wrapping it up for burial. This process can vary depending on the culture, but generally involves draining the body of its fluids, treating it with natron and other preservatives, and wrapping it in linen bandages or other materials. To complete the process, the mummy was placed in either a stone coffin or wooden sarcophagus and dried out naturally or with artificial heat. The end result is a well-preserved “statue”—a mummified body.


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